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Scalp Infection

Scalp Infection

The scalp is prone to infections from different types of organisms. Fungi, yeast and bacteria are by far the commonest. Chronic and untreated scalp infection is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Scalp infections can trigger premature baldness, a reason why more men and women are found balding in their early 20’s and 30’s. Early detection is the best form of prevention as it leads to early treatment.

What causes scalp infection?

a) An excess oily/excess dry scalp

b) Improper hygeine

c) Stress



How are they diagnosed?

Diagnosis is usually done through the following methods

1) Observation of the symptoms

2) Visual inspection of the scalp condition under UV light

3) Collection of scalp scrapings for laboratory analysis

4) Tricho Analysis which can help to differentiate between various types and show the severity and extent of infection and how much it has affected the hair roots.


At “THE SKIN SENSÉ “, our doctor would examine your scalp and provide you with diagnostic and theraputic approach to all your scalp infections.