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Tan Removal


Excessive tanning is caused due to exposure of your skin to radiation for longer duration in the form of direct or indirect sunlight. However, tanning is a natural process in which the skin creates the brown-coloured pigment called melanin in order to protect it against the harmful UV rays. This radiation first generates oxidative stress, which oxidizes pre-existing melanin leading to rapid darkening of pre-existing melanin.
There is then an increased production of melanin from UVB exposure that causes delayed tanning. It becomes visible 72 hours after the exposure. Genetically, some people can darken deeply and quickly whereas some do not darken as much. The UV frequencies that cause tanning are divided into the UVA and UVB ranges. UVB is more likely to cause sunburn than UVA as due to overexposure.

Tanning over a period of time leads to photo-ageing which results in the appearance of wrinkles and deep creases on face at a young age giving an aged look.

To have these effects of harmful tanning reversed, we provide the best treatments that ensure effective management of tan for best results.